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We want your custom Framed Collage to arrive at your door exactly as your envision it! Enclosed in your Art Box will be an Instruction Pamphlet where you can select customizations including monogram style, collage design, and frame color. Explore each customization option below!

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You can include up to 16 images in one Framed Collage. Our designers have curated four design options to fit each and every style.

GRID: a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 grid based on the number of images you include in your collage, to beautifully showcase the artwork in a sleek and modern way.
CARNIVAL: the variety option - one of our Maya's Crayon designers will arrange a unique layout based on the number of images you send in your box. If you select this design, and have a preference on which images you would like to be showcased larger, or in a certain area, please include a post-it note with instructions, or a drawing, in your box to help us create your perfect Framed Collage!

HERO: this design features a central image, which can be a favorite work of art, or a photograph of the young artist. If you select this design, either use a post-it note to specify the piece of artwork you would like to be centrally featured; or if you would like a photo of the young artist - please specify on your Instruction Pamphlet if you will email us the photo, or send a physical copy in your Art Box. 

PARENT KNOWS BEST: This design is for those who envision a specific order or layout for their custom collage. Please use post-it notes to number each piece, or simply enclose a note with detailed instructions, or a drawing for our designers to use when creating your collage! 


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Maya's Crayon's custom Framed Collages come in nine frame colors to fit everyone style: black, white, red, orange, blue. yellow, pink, purple, and green!

Our Maya's Crayon frames are handcrafted in our Shop located in Sewickley, PA by our Master Framer, Mark Rengers. Choose a frame color that goes with the decor of your home, showcases the artwork, or if you can't decide, randomly choose one - they all look great!


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If you would like your custom collage to feel even more personal, add a monogram of the young artist's name! You can choose from four different monogram fonts in multiple color options; to either match your frame color selection, simple and sleek black, or leave it up to your designer to decide based on the colors in the artwork you send in your Art Box! 

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